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moveWithCollisions-a lot of questions


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I saw the code presented  in the link  https://playground.babylonjs.com/#1NQTNE#11  and played many times.

I felt "moveWithCollisions" is full of magic .

it seems that with the help of "movewithCollisions" the mesh can smartly move and move little by little and finally manage to find its path to reach its destination. 

I checked the code but was not able to figure out how to use it exactly,  there is few comment or remarks to tell what's the purpose of  some important lines .

so I listed these important lines that I didn't understand as below.

can anyone please help to explain what's the purpose of these critical  lines?  (please notice that I use "//" to bring up what my question is )

// move to clicked coordinates
        if(meshPlayer.destination) {
            var moveVector = meshPlayer.destination.subtract(meshPlayer.position);
            if (moveVector.length() > 1.1) {  //1.why use 1.1 ,other than 2.2 or 0.8 or any length else? is it related to the player size 1 while downcasting a ray    ?         
                moveVector.y = GRAVITY;     //2.GRAVITY is -0.5 as defined earlier, but why moveVector.y  must be  -0.5? what's the purpose to assign moveVector.y ?
                moveVector = moveVector.normalize();//3.what's the purpose of "normalize"?what's the benefit of doing this? is this line mandatory? 
                moveVector = moveVector.scale(0.2);  //4.why to shrink the moveVector to 1/5 of its original size? why not 0.1 or 2 or some number else? 
                if(meshFound.distance > 1.1){moveVector.y = GRAVITY;}    //5.why 1.1 again? 
            } else {
               meshPlayer.destination = null;
It's really appreciated for your time.

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