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i am intrested in purchesing mulltyplayer games for a venture i am developing. my general specifications are : 
1. HTML 5 an js based games that can be deployed in a web view.
2. mobile frindly games. 
3. acsess to the minified source code so we can change the game assets, images, audio and ect.
4 the cration of game rooms needs to be acsessed directly - witout a lobby - including the game id and parameters in the url ((i.e. "www.example.com/backgammon?room_id=test") 
5. cration of the game rooms should be handled a call to an endpoint - for example : 
a. The user on our client clicks "New Game" for a specific game
  b. Our client sends a request such as "API_URL/backgammon/newgame" and receives the room ID
  c. Our client navigates to the game and joins it
  d. The user can share the room ID to friends so that the friends join the same room directly
  e. Once everyone leaves the room it can be terminated automatically

if possible - i would like to scheduall a zoom/skype call to understand priceing, techincall issuse and see if we can  find a way to work together. 

thank you, Itamar.

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Hi Itamar,

I'm currently selling my fully functional multiplayer platform playchap.io I built from scratch as my startup (or teaming up with someone who could help me to push it further)
It's a multiplayer platform with skill-based competitions where the winner takes everyone's ETH

It's engineered with the following functionality and tech stack in place:
 - Multiplayer Back-End, players auth - Node.js & Nakama
 - Modern Front-End Framework based on JAMstack
 - Payment mechanism based on Node.js & Ethereum JavaScript API (deposit, bet & withdraw) 
 - Players can bet and play against each other with crypto (Ethereum)
 - 4 unique arcade HTML5 games to support Desktop, Tablet and Mobile game experience. 
 - Players as well can play for fun with fun coins 
 - Matchmaking, UI wise very nicely implemented
 - Creating gaming Rooms

It practically covers up all the cases you've mentioned and some could be adjusted or tailored accordingly.

Below are a few games that I developed to compliment the platform

PM me if interested...



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