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pixi-layers: .on(sort) callback and updateOrder


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I've been playing around with pixi-layers for a few days now and I've noticed 2 things:

  1. The layer.on("sort", ...) callback is being called continuously (on each tick if I had to guess).
  2. Each elements within layers have an updateOrder attribute that's continuously incrementing:

All of that lead me to believe that layers are being continuously re-sorted (I may be mistaken), and I was wondering what was the point of doing such thing? Wouldn't be better to listen for an element's zOrder to change? This behavior can be observed on the example files as well.

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layers are scanning whole tree every frame, and re-sort stuff, any other implmeentation could have big number of bugs :) Another trick is that in many cases you dont have to use layers sort, they are mostly used to conventionally move elements to other rendering containers.

Default pixi-v5 sort is better in that way - but its limited only to one container, you cant sort through tree.

I have custom layers version that actually takes care of all those changes, and even removes pixi canonical updateTransform() pass completely. Its too hard to publish it, people wont understand all those small triggers.

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