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PixiJS and WebRTC


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I am dabbling in WebRTC and creating a One To Many feature.  Note that I am not a seasoned developer and basically learning as I go.

I was wondering if,  down the line,  I can incorporate PixiJS into my WebRTC for things like lower 3rds graphics or other graphic related things?

If so, any additional suggestions for using Pixi with WebRTC is certainly appreciated?

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Whatever you do with WebRTC - do it with basic scene from https://webglfundamentals.org/ first, otherwise there will be questions like "why is pixi doesnt work with webrtc".

Yes, canvas streaming is related to pixi, a bit. People use it for recording videos. 

When it works, switch to pixi.


grab Angular, take pixi and a few of its plugins, add WebRTC code, look if it works on first try, then complain about it. Everyone did that stuff, at least once :)

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