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phaser 3 errors when i open the web page direct


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It is my first time to use phaser 3 for developing game , I have a weird issue when i run the project from brackets it run smoothly without any error  but when i try to open the project from the html page direct  it dies not open and this errors appears on console  , can anyone help me please ?? 



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Actually it needs a local web server setup to run the game, directly opening the html file in browser won't load the assets.

If you want to know why this happens read this https://phaser.io/tutorials/getting-started-phaser2 

Maybe when you run it from brackets it creates a local webserver that's why it runs properly.


Also just saw that your console shows Phaser CE v2 that means you are not using Phaser 3 but Phaser 2. In case if you want use v3 you can get it from here https://phaser.io/tutorials/getting-started-phaser3/part4 and follow the tutorial.

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