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[Video] Non-serious post about performance


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Heyoo peeps, hope all is well!

I've made a video while testing the performance of pixijs with matterjs running in a webworker (or node take my pick :) ), as well as triggering animations etc, clearing up objects.. the usual. But I like the video so I'm sharing it :)

I've probably got a few more cool things coming so if you have the twitter and fancy following me, I'm here: https://twitter.com/AJamDonut

Enjoy. Jammy.



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Round 2 guys, hope no one minds me posting these, I enjoy seeing these kinds of things myself so figured I'd share them as I create em.

This time we have a bunch of spine characters, matterJS in a webworker and when collisions are registered and direction changes, it sends back a message to the main thread to update the spines animation. The input for the player is also sent to the webworker and therefore it kinda acts like a client-server solution. The webworker code can also be executed in nodeJS.

Thanks! :) Jammy

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