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Infinte scrolling in Pixi.js


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Hello friends,

I'm totally new to Pixi.js and canvas in general. I'm trying to develop my favorite board game Patchwork, where I have a scrollable container with patches from which player can select one. Above the canvas I have two buttons for controlling the scrolling direction. Each time player clicks on one of these buttons, the x coordinate of the container updates. 

I was wondering if there is any 'best practice' way to implement infinite scrolling of the container (such as creating an infinite image gallery)? I have a few ideas, but I wan't to hear other opinions before I really dive into implementing the solution to this problem. 

Here are some screenshots for reference:



Thank you in advance!

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I can't really think of a best practice for this really apart from only deleting/recreating sprites that you have to.

You probably have some idea where off-screen objects get moved on to the end of the stack, or get deleted then recreated... and either will probably be fine depending on the sprite count.

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