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Set X of Physics Group


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I am confused because Groups don't work in Phaser as I would expect them to. How do I move all objects at once while keeping their relative distance to another? All transform methods seem to work on a for-each-basis but I want to transform the group as I would transform a single object.

platforms = game.add.physicsGroup();
platforms.create(100, 150, 'platform');
platforms.create(300, 300, 'platform');
platforms.create(500, 450, 'platform');

//I want to keep the group's layout, so this doesn't work

//this does nothing
platforms.x = -100


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Whoops, no this doesn't really help. I want to move the group to the last pointer X position, so I'm dealing in absolute values, not relatives. I tried

incX(pointer.x - pointer.prevPosition.x)

and it does somehow what I want. But it also gives unexpected results. I would've tried to wrap everything in a container but it doesn't take groups as children. Is this really such an exotic use case? Moving a group as a whole?

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