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Fixed "Camera" with Resizing


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Hey guys, I'm brand new to PixiJS and have an issue that i can't seem to figure out. I'm working on a real time multiplayer game where there is a larger map ~3200 x 3200 and players are free to roam. However I want each players "camera" to only show a certain number of pixels so that someone with a large screen wont have an advantage over someone with a small screen. All the game simulation is handled on the server side. I know how to setup an on resize handler I'm just struggling with which values to update. I was able to fudge this with plain javascript like so: (I only every want to show 640x 360 pixels)

const setCanvasSize = () => {
    console.log('Resizing canvas');
    CANVAS_WIDTH = window.innerWidth;
    CANVAS_HEIGHT = window.innerHeight;

    const ratio = 16 / 9;
    if (CANVAS_HEIGHT < CANVAS_WIDTH / ratio) {
    } else {

    canvas.width = 640;
    canvas.height = 360;

    canvas.style.width = `${CANVAS_WIDTH}px`;
    canvas.style.height = `${CANVAS_HEIGHT}px`;

And now I need to replicate a similar behavior but am having some trouble.


Desired effect is like so: this is a screen from my hacky version.1204633891_ScreenShot2020-07-29at4_46_26PM.thumb.png.0d2835765e96566a068f8b214b566714.png.

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