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Replace geometry in graphics object

Saeki Amae

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Hello, I'd like to ask if there is any way to replace geometry in already created graphics?
The documentation says that geometry attribute in graphics object is read-only.

I know I can clear and redraw but then i make new geometry instance instead of using shared one (I want to have many graphics items of same geometry).

I can remove graphics object and make new object applying shared geometry to new object but then I have to mess with zIndexes and other stuff as rendering queue changes
(not to mention resetting all current graphics settings like scale, tint and so on).

In Sprites i can easily replace texture by modifying texture attribute.

Is there some easy method of resolving this issue in Pixi v5?

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Its possible with modifying "graphics.geometry.graphicsData" and calling "graphics.geometry.invalidate()" after that. Or you can do something like "drawPolygon(myPolygon)", then modify polygon, then call "graphics.geometry.invalidate()". It triggers triangulation and full rebuild of vertex buffer.

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