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Spritesheet sprite texture trying to load via url


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I'm using texture packer and adding the json like this:

        path + "spritesheet-0.json?v="+version, 
        path + "spritesheet-1.json?v="+version

however when trying to create a animatedSprite the log says the textures are no valid and I see an error with a url GET of the texture name which it shouldnt be doing as it should only be getting the spritesheet.

// for each texture in animation
let texture = Texture.from(fileObject.name + (i+1) + ext);

// add to array
// after for loop
character = new PIXI.AnimatedSprite(textureArray);

any help would be appreciated.

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Thanks @ivan.popelyshev think its a case of needing to talk to someone about it.. I was being an idiot and setting up my texture calls at the lowest level, same as the loader so wasn't loading the textures first ?‍♂️  Moved my code into my setup function that is called after loader finished and everything is working now ?

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