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Waiting until all resources are loaded.


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Hey there!

I have two modules - "controller.js" and "loader.js".

In the controller module, I call two methods - `Loader.loadResources()` and right after that, `Sprites.createSprites()`

(which uses the `loader.resources` to create sprites from textures).

As you can probably tell, the latter function throws an error since the loader hasn't completed loading all the resources yet.

I don't want to pass `Sprites.createSprites()` as a callback to the `loader.load()` method since I want the loader module to do only one thing - load resources.

Is there a way to wait until the loader completes loading all resources?


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I've worked through the similar problem recently and ended up using the Promise API as follows:

    async loadResource(key: string, path: string): Promise<PIXI.LoaderResource> {
        return new Promise<PIXI.LoaderResource>((resolve) => {
            PIXI.Loader.shared.add(key, path).load(() => {

so in your initialization code you can do something like this:

await loaderResource("sprite", "path/to/image.png");
// at this point the resource has been loaded so you can proceed

Hope that helps

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