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moving container with filters terrible for performance


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HELLO!!!! So I'm working on a frogger type game and I thought the easiest way to constantly move everything forward was to add all sprites to a "main" container and move the main container X times per second... this works ok when the movment increment was 0.5 or 1 pixel eahc time (I started by making the movement a function of the deltatime but got lots of judder, so i clamped it instead to a 0.5 value each increment). However adding ANY filters to the main container looks aweful and performance goes way down.

Is there any thoughts about how this could be improved as I'd love to be able to use a titlshift filter while still keeping the sprites moving constantly without too much of a pixellated look.

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4 minutes ago, ivan.popelyshev said:

sorry, no AA inside filters and any kind of framebuffer operations. Its webgl limitation. Yes, its possible to enable it with WebGL2 with a tax on performance , but you say your performance is shit already :)

bummer. cool thanks (what does AA mean?)

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