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Is pixi.js a good choice for diagram builder


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Is pixi.js a good choice for diagram builder, where user can draw basic shapes like rhombuses, squares, rectangles and connect them with lines?

Please point me to the right direction, I even can't choose which is better to use SVG or Canvas.

Diagram builder must work in browser and support touch events.

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Konva is also a good choice for diagrams. If you use Pixi, WebGL renderer - you'll have problems with Anti-aliasing. IF you are ready - ok, go ahead. Its not like learning Pixi is a waste of time, there are many common things with other renderers.

As for SVG - its slower than canvas2d. Dont use it.

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you could try d3.js and their online notebook editor at https://observablehq.com/explore - if it is data visualization and interaction, it is THE library. svg is so-so in terms of speed (check the notebooks, you'd be surprised though), but d3.js and svg has a huge range of compatibility. i have worked on a visualization project using these two and it even ran on the browser of a smart tv made 7-8 years ago.

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