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Timeout on PIXI.Texture.fromURL?


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Hi all,

I'm currently working on a web project, where I need to display a vast amount of markers on a map. I am using a package called leaflet-pixi-overlay, which lets one add a PIXI overlay on top of a leaflet map. I am facing a couple of issues, which I believe to be really newbies problems.

The first one is simply how does PIXI.Texture.fromURL handle bad url's? The specs say that " it does a better job of handling failed URLs more effectively". But if I give it a bad url, an await on the promise never returns. Is there an event I'm supposed to catch somewhere, do I need to define a timeout or something? Thanks!

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sure , you can embed your loader with a promise and you can add a event to loader error event.
Be sure is attach to your instance of loader if you use multiple loader.

resolve or reject your promise with your specifications.



From documentation, its should also possible to catch errors inside loader.load((loader, resources) => {   event


You should also allowed to use promise and await for PIXI.Texture.fromURL, because doc say it return promise.

PIXI.Texture.fromURL('url').then( ()=>resolve() ).catch( ()=>reject() );



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Thanks for your answer. I'm relying on the promise approach:

try {
  newTexture = await PIXI.Texture.fromURL(
      resourceOptions: {
        width: spriteMaxSizePx,
} catch (err) {
console.log(`Error, Failed loading texture from ${url}, err=${err}`);

With this, I never trigger the catch if the url is bad (my async function just hangs).

Maybe I'm doing something really dumb javascript-wise (I started this language not so long ago), but I think I should get my log error message?

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