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Why can't have a circle has a child of a container?


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Hi everyone!  Question from a Pixi.js newbie.

I want to have a player that's running around the screen, and composed of a few graphics primitives, like a circle and text. I successfully created a Container and a Text, and added the Text as a child.

But when I try to add Circle as a child, I get an error:

error TypeError: Cannot set property '_parentID' of undefined
    at e.addChild (Container.ts:145)
    at s (brython.min.js:1)
    at build_player_avatar40 (eval at e.loop (brython.min.js:1), <anonymous>:4330:71)
    at pixi_setup39 (eval at e.loop (brython.min.js:1), <anonymous>:4241:113)
    at brython.min.js:1
    at t.value (mini-signals.js:93)
    at e._onComplete (Loader.js:623)
    at Loader.js:662
    at s (async.js:33)
    at e.t.use (SpritesheetLoader.ts:37)

Does anyone have a clue what's wrong?




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17 hours ago, cool-RR said:

Ah, I understand. How do I add a circle to a Graphics object? I looked at the docs and tutorial and couldn't find it. 

am not sure understand, but if you mean this, is very basic.
Here a demo for you.
hope is help.

Note: doc is cool, but you also have a lot of basics demo here.

if you a noob, pixiplayground is also great and fast way to practice and learn some basic behaviors. (types is include)

You can also pass the console context to Result frame and play with PIXIjs in console.j6hoGEmE_o.png

you also have a nice devtool plugin inspector to help debug or understand what append when you start. it should help your a lot.


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