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Caching resources using PIXI.Loader.pre


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I'm using pixi 5 with pixi-spine trying to load resources from a cache implemented with indexeddb. All cached files are loaded into patch.files as either blob or text with matching xhrType.

let loader = PIXI.Loader.shared.pre((res, next) => {
    // load files that has been loaded by the patcher.
    if (patch.files[res.url]) {
        res.xhr = patch.files[res.url].xhr;
        res.data = patch.files[res.url].data;
        res.xhrType = this._xhrType(res.url);

    } else {
        // not loaded by patcher, load on demand using xhr.
        if (!res.url.startsWith(application.realm.resources)) {
            res.url = application.realm.resources + res.url;

// loader.add("resource.json");
// loader.begin(...);

Haven't found any good documentation on using the pre function, my problem here is that I get a hit on the "resource.json" in the cache, but "resource.atlas" and "resource.png" is never requested.

This means I cannot access either the .atlas or .png resource using PIXI.Loader.shared.resources using this method https://github.com/pixijs/pixi-spine/blob/master/examples/preloaded_json.md

This works fine when "resource.json" is NOT in the cache and there are no problems loading plain images like "clouds.png".


Please help me, been struggling for a few days ?

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Found this, https://github.com/englercj/resource-loader/blob/release/3.x/src/middleware/caching.js 

I'll check the implementation.

Seems like complete cuts out before middleware is run, which otherwise would have queued the other resources. Maybe I should just manually set the atlas/png resources on the loader when a json file is in the cache.

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