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Transforming texture within geometry


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Hi, help me figure out how it works!

I have an abstract texture atlas as shown below.


Then I create a simple mesh from geometry (red borders) and material (each geometry has its own uv coordinates, matching the atlas).


How can I transform a texture tile within a geometry, without changing the geometry itself, as shown below?


Does it have something to do with framebuffers?

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You need custom shader with this geometry that
1. applies extra transform (matrix) to texture coords in vertex shader
2. in fragment shader, looks in uniforms for texture frame (you have to pass it!!!) and if current UV's are out of bounds - discard the pixel

Parts of code you can take from SpriteMaskFilter: https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/tree/dev/packages/core/src/filters/spriteMask

you can make extra Transform variable inside your mesh, specify position/scale/rotation/pivot there , updateLocalTransform() it, take the worldTransform matrix to uniforms.

If you want complete solution - sorry, you have to wait when someone will have 10-15 minutes for that, i dont have now ))))) 

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