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I was trying to create a svg sheet, packing all my svg images into only one like a sprite sheet. And I was using svg-sprite lib (https://github.com/jkphl/svg-sprite) to generate that.

My question is, with pixi, how can I access each image inside generated sheet?
This tool can generate svg-sheet in several formats (css, view, defs, symbol, stack), what would be the best for this?

I tried several approaches already but didn't get a working one.. ?

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I did something like that with custom super-atlas , that put all SVG-s into same canvas and then on screen. Unfortunately its only for v4 and doesnt have demos (only one stupid, not svg) https://github.com/gameofbombs/pixi-super-atlas 

This is not easy problem, so if you want help - you have to wait when someone implements something like that fully for v5/upcoming-v6 , or you should post a demo that doesnt work for some reason. You shouldn't expect full solution for this nightmare in first answer ;)

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