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Event interception


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Hello fellow gamemakers! I have a question about PIXI InteractionManager
My Pixi version is 5.3.7. I'm testing on desktop Windows 10 and latest Chrome.

Is it safe to interrupt InteractionEvent and change it's .currentTarget and .target properties?

I have an object which on drag creates another object and calls it's .onDrag(event) method with event.target changed to new object, so drag can happen seamlessly.
Like, for example, imagine a coin pile as a singular Sprite, that on drag creates one coin Sprite.

So, for now it kinda works. But I read source code for InteractionManager and didn't found anything directly related to .target property in hit-tests logic.
Thus I decided to aks here. Is it safe to juggle events between objects like that, or such behaviour completely unintended and can break in future versions?

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Is it safe to interrupt InteractionEvent and change it's .currentTarget and .target properties?

Its on level "i wanna make interactionManager work like i want". Not safe, but required for many games :) PixiJS InteractionManager is often not enough, that's why, for example, we have separate TreeSearch class - people can override certain algorithms.

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