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What is the difference between directly setting `spriteObj.x = 3` and using setter `spriteObj.position.set(3, spriteObj.y)`?


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Obviously i didn't read docs attentively, but what is the practice difference between setting x/y directly 

spriteObj.x = 3;

and using setter 

spriteObj.position.set(3,  spriteObj.y);

I looked to me like nothing was affected, but i'm afraid that further there appears smthn suddenly. Also in case if the second one is really more correct way, how can i set only x coord in beautiful way? For instance, moving obj:

spriteObj.x += 10;  // looking nice but omits setter

spriteObj.position.set(spriteObj.x + 10, spriteObj.y);  // too long as for me and requires both coords, here are 3 calls of `spriteObj`


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