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Where to buy HTML5 games in bulk at fair prices?


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I'm working on a casual games portal and I'm looking to buy my own games to be able to better control the ads as i would like to create a site with less intrusive ads for the end-user.
I ahve been researching the market for games and the pricing I find vary a lot so I would like to get some more info on the topic. As example I ahve seen the games on Codecanyon at 10-30USD$/game and then MarketJS with 1500$/game. The latter is extremely unrealistic, how can any games portal pay such high cost?
What are other good sources for games? I understand that this is a forum mainly for HTML5 devs and that I will probably get flamed for looking at cheap AND good games, but maybe some of the intelligent members of this forum can help me understand how this HTML5 business works from a game dev perspective as obviously big companies like Spilgames can pay what ever for a game, but for small people that are looking to start a games portal from scratch this is a different story.
Please let me know and I will be very happy :) 

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On 4/4/2021 at 12:51 AM, microgamer said:

As example I ahve seen the games on Codecanyon at 10-30USD$/game and then MarketJS with 1500$/game. The latter is extremely unrealistic, how can any games portal pay such high cost?

Heads up the Codecanyon (Envato) license at ~$30 USD is usually their "regular" license.  There are chances you'll need the "extended" license which will often be ~$100 USD, and customizations on top probably another few hundred or more?  Either way a pretty cheap entry point, and you'll get what you pay for.  Please be mindful that Envato do not check that what is sold on their stores is owned by the seller, so there is no guarantee that the games you'd "license" are actually legit.  MarketJS do things differently and if I understand correctly are providing basic bespoke services (atop cloned games) for their fees.  Again pretty cheap for bespoke but realistically expect to pay more when all is said and done - again you'll get what you pay for.

The middle ground (quality and value) is licensing from capable developers directly.  For example, at https://b10b.com (shameless plug) we have a collection of games that we license and customize to publisher's requirements (branding, APIs, premium features, etc).  Publishers might be web portals, syndication distributors, progressive apps, VAS telcos, institutions, and sometimes brands looking for a starting point towards something more distinctive or custom.

The last option is to use only a syndication service for a "games feed".  Iirc gamemonetize.com provide a free arcade script that pulls in the games from their distribution service.  A royalty share is paid to publisher, developer, ad network.  Downside is no control over the way the ads are presented, no ability to customize, or adding premium features to the games.  It's hard to make money without offering something distinctive.

On 4/7/2021 at 3:19 AM, microgamer said:

Is this forum dead?

I don't recall seeing this post until today.  Maybe there was a delay in approving your post being a first timer?  Welcome to the forum :)

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You can embed games free from gamemonetize.com, where I just uploaded 4 of my games. Below are the links to my games:

The games can be embeded in inframe are also mobile friendly.

Minigolf Html5

Play it on http://crazygames.cc/minigolf-html5.game


 Link: https://html5.gamemonetize.com/d9ltrsqvstwe54lkg2u293z36aldjacw/

Dimensions: 900x450

Angry birds halloween html5

Play it on http://crazygames.cc/angry-birds-halloween-html5.game


Link: https://html5.gamemonetize.com/svf3t4mi3fjy3m9724x1o1wvsbnf4ibx/


Super Mario Html5

Play it on http://crazygames.cc/super-mario-html5.game


Link: https://html5.gamemonetize.com/s94qs8rws53ip9bcgnxj60hsrj89581x/


 Pacman html5


Play it on: http://crazygames.cc/pacson.game


Link: https://html5.gamemonetize.com/5st7c6asbp9urr7swcbr2im8b1ch0336/


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