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Correct way to manipulate colors pixel by pixel


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I'm trying to to set the color of pixels one by one. I have a matrix with all my value, calculate by some function to assign a specific color. Actually i'm using the Geometry Rectangle with size 1x1, but i'm not sure it's the best way to do that. Anyone have some suggestion? 

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I've another question =D I've implemented my work with the Texture.fromBuffer and it works fine. I compute my texture with the cpu for every 'pixel' and after i render it. There is a way for me with pixi and webGL to pass some data to the pixel and delegate the work to each one to compute every pixel in parallel?! Because i need to compute my texture frequently with different data and i thought some way to optimize my code with cpu, but of course if i do the work with gpu it will be faster. (the data that i need to pass to the pixel every time it's a different amount) . Thanks, i hope it's not a stupid question :D

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