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Experience with game distribution portals [2021]


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I am a new to the world of HTML5 game development, so here am making a list of major game distribution portals, please add ur experience if u have worked with them.

  1. gamedistribution.com (I have heard there is lot of payment problem with them?)
  2. gamemonetize.com
  3. famobi.com
  4. Y8.com

Please add more if u know any.

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Welcome to HTML5 game development.  Here's the elephant in the room ... generic interstitial in-game-ads are worthless.  $1 eCPM roughly means "if 1,000 players play my game I might get to share $1 with my publisher 60 days later".  Does that sound viable even before we reduce it by factoring in odds of non-payment, cost of collection, ruining the player experience etc?  Or, does any story of a positive experience suddenly make it a compelling proposition?

My general advice to newcomers is "make games for fun", and develop your own audience while doing so.  First make a small game collection that players like (e.g. ten thousand plays a day and growing) then seek premium publishing channels (they might even seek you).  Else the few dollars you might make in the meanwhile from distribution portals likely isn't sufficient to sustain development costs nor warrant diverting attention from making games.

That being said there are non-revenue reasons to publish some games on distribution portals (e.g. audience testing, catalog showcase, relationship building).


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1. Pays well compared to others and the last couple of months I finally get my payments on time.
2. Very low earnings but does pay on time.
3. Got my account deactivated for being "inactive" while close to payout, have heard more people had this happen.
4. No experience with them.

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