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Panda Demos, error with this.super()


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I cloned the demo repo - https://github.com/ekelokorpi/panda.js-demos  and also cloned the pandajs repo and ensured that the relative ../pandas.js symlink worked along with an express-static server I wrote.  But the demos all throw errors about this.super()




Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Class> has no method 'super' interactivity.js:61
game.Scene.extend.init interactivity.js:61
Class core.js:691
game.System.game.Class.extend.setSceneNow system.js:184
game.System.game.Class.extend.setScene system.js:179
game.Loader.game.Class.extend.setScene loader.js:213
game.Loader.game.Class.extend.ready loader.js:193
game.Loader.game.Class.extend.update loader.js:227
game.Loader.game.Class.extend.run loader.js:218
(anonymous function) core.js:586
animate core.js:605
Uncaught TypeError: Object #<Class> has no method 'super' particles.js:44
and so on for each demo.  I saw the last commit was for functioning demos for 1.1 release, curious if the most recent pandasjs doesn't work with the demos and some changes are required?  Happy to help :)
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aahh I see the change from this.super to this._super I had even opened core.js and looked at the Class.prototype to make sure super was being bound, guess I missed the _. 


I fetched your changes and the demos work again.  Curious would you like a pull request for my repo that has a simple express server that will allow the demos to run locally? I was going to hack on the demos and maybe add some and wanted a way to run them locally so might be helpful for others as well.  But wasn't sure if you had the repo configured specifically to work with the pandajs website.


Anyways, thanks for the help!

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