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Performance tips?


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Hi there! I'd want to ask for some performance tips if possible. I'm trying to create game like agar.io.

I have 15000x15000 map filled with objects. The game has 2 types of objects: cell and food. The whole map contains ~3500 food objects and up to 500 cell objects, food has one texture for all sprites and is rendered using ParticleContainer while cell using just a Container because it contains some additional sprites in it (name, mass etc) BUT has one texture for all sprites as well.

So i have some questions:

1) Is it worth moving cell to ParticleContainer and then create an additional container for name and mass and then calculate its position related to cell? Name and mass always have zIndex > Cell.

2) A player has viewport 1920x1080 so only 1/10 of map should be rendered (it is like 300 food and 30 cells) but viewport size will be multiplied by player size offset so bigger player -> bigger viewport. Now my solution looks like:

a) calculate bounds of viewport

b) loop through every object and if it is out of view set object.visible = object.renderable = false. Is it alright or there are better ways? Here is visualization of what i'm talking about: 489674641_.thumb.png.a6ae45419f259b8e404cb04600c15daa.png 

oh sorry there should be negative y: -15000 


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