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Please, answer me some questions about particle effects.

Yuriy Miroshnyk

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Hi guys,

I need your help a little regarding general game development needs. Answer, please, to my questionnaire. Your answers will help me a lot to take a correct direction in my journey.

Here is a link to Google Forms: https://forms.gle/qpp4egCjVWA2Tx348

Or you can answer by replying to this post.

Let's suppose someone is developing a particle effects editor where you could make real-time particle effects for any platform and any engine very fast and cheap with a unified and powerful creating process. And when I say 'any engine' I mean most popular engines, like PIXI.js, Phaser, Cocos Creator, Unity etc. This editor would be a cross-platform application (Win, Linux, Mac).

And here is a list of questions:

1. Did you have an experience of creating particle effects in your games? (Yes / No)

2. If previous answer is Yes, could you write a level of satisfaction of the tool you used? (1 - 5)

3. Do you like an idea of having single tool for 'any' engine? (Yes / No / I don't care)

4. Which learning materials you prefer? (Text / Video / Both)

5. Do you like an idea of having free weekly online meetups provided by the tool developer to share knowledge? (Yes / No / I don't care)

6. Let's imagine there is an online store of effects where you could buy an effects for $5 or bunch of them for $15, will it be interesting for you to use such service? (Yes / No)

7. Let's imagine the same online store, but where you can also sell your own effects. Will you sell? (Yes / No)


Thank you very much!


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Added Google Forms link
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  • Yuriy Miroshnyk changed the title to Please, answer me some questions about particle effects.

@Yuriy Miroshnyk hi, you might do better with a poll (third party) and then drop a link here and we can easily share it on social?  Personally I tend to solve particle requirements on a per-project, per-scenario basis and I've not (yet) found them to be either a major bottleneck or tooling concern.  Given how diverse a game's view might be I'd say I'm skeptical towards a one tool to rule them all approach?  Plus eye-candy is always a fun part of a project leading to learning that can be applied to other systems and design choices.  As a small corporate I'd say $50-$150 subscription per month is too much even for a full GDK, let alone just particles.  I encourage tools for free, license fees for content creators, marketplace commissions for tool creator.  I hope that's helpful.

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@b10bThank you for your feedback. I added a link to a form with questions. It would be great if you could share it to someone who has a deal with designing particles or programming them.

I also removed pricing details, as they are not really a subject of questionnaire and don't really matter for now.

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