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Help tracking down GPU memory leak


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Hi all,

I'm having trouble tracking down a GPU memory leak. I'm using chrome's process explorer to see how much memory my game/tab is taking up. Every time a user starts a new level, it adds about 40MB of GPU memory. Here's what we're doing every level load:

  • stage.destroy({ children: true, texture: false, baseTexture: false }) // not destroying all textures as we want to reuse them next run
  • pixiRenderer.destroy(true)

I don't know of any obvious places we'd be leaking textures or anything else.

1) Is there a centralized place we could look for resources that are growing? (lists in TextureSystem, etc..?)

2) Is there any webgl commands I should look out for that pixi is calling that I could track somehow, to see what is growing the GPU memory?

I'd like it if I could find out what is allocating GPU memory but don't know where to start.



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Right now I'm just using a single 1x1 rendertexture to preload some textures/shaders. This is destroyed immediately after use.

I've looked into this further and we're leaking regular js mem quite a bit. We've got pixi renderers staying in memory because of this. Is it possible that this could cause GPU leaks? Either way I'm going to clean up these leaks (hopefully!) and see where we're at then.

Thanks Ivan.

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