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New Vaccination gameplay feature in The Viral / COVID-19 Game


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As you guys know, The COVID-19 / Viral Game is my flagship 1st full-fledged melonjs game.

Not too long ago, I got vaccinated with my first Moderna jab. Hooray! My second one is coming up soon.

So the jab has given me motivation. Why not add in a new gameplay feature to The Viral Game?

Unfortunately I can't give you the vaccine if you haven't been vaccinated, but you can feel satisfied by simulating the effects of the vaccine on-screen!

To support the international push towards vaccination, we have added a Vaccination gameplay feature in The Viral Game!

You simply need to click the button, wait for the vaccination to build, then deploy it. It will then start spawning mRNA in the game, which does no damage. When attacked and killed by your white blood cells, it promotes your white blood cells, giving them a star at the top right-hand corner and higher damage against the real viruses in the game.

You can watch our video here:

Download The Viral Game here for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.customautosys.viralgame

Visit https://customautosys.com/products/covidgame for The COVID-19 Game for desktop and web (web version works on iOS).

Go on, support vaccination and play The Viral Game now!

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