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Adding custom Headers parameter to PIXI.Texture.from request


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Hey guys!

I need to add a UID to my headers for getting Texture (video or images).

Is there any way to do this in PIXI?

For example:

PIXI.Texture.from(testVideo, {header: {
	'UID': 'XXX'

I also tryed PIXI.Texture.fromUrl but had the same result.

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According to https://github.com/pixijs/pixijs/blob/dev/packages/core/src/textures/resources/ImageResource.ts#L47 , pixi creates an Image element. Can you specify headers for image element? If so, hack it!

Patch original ImageResource, most probably this method: https://github.com/pixijs/pixijs/blob/dev/packages/core/src/textures/resources/ImageResource.ts#L132 , ImageResource.prototype.load = myLoad

If its not possible to add headers to image request ( i dont remember DOM, look in MDN or something like that), then you have to switch to fetch API, and that requires completely different resource you have to code yourself.

In any case, prepare to debug everything (watches, breakpoints).

PixiJS is not a black box. Clone it and open in separate IDE window - that should make your coding process faster :)


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Video is a bit different: https://github.com/pixijs/pixijs/blob/dev/packages/core/src/textures/resources/VideoResource.ts , it has "autoUpdate" thing that refreshes webgl texture every frame.

btw those "options" you see passed in constructor - they are from "Texture.from({ ... } );" check how to pass them, i dont exactly remember :) If you pass headers there , you can catch them in load() and do something. probably. if it actually possible to do through DOM elements.

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