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Random, velocity and center


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I created two variables: 


X = game.world.randomX; 

Y = game.world.randomY; 


But I would like to create a random Min and Max 

That I have a 600x400 game, I want the objects appear out of the game and go to the middle of the game (also close to downtown, random). With random speed. 

I have also used: 


ball.body.velocity.x = 100 + Math.random () * 200; 


How does the math random?, Sorry too many questions but I have difficulties with English you can not find good guides.




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function creaAsteroide() {




                    // asteroide.body.velocity.x=100+Math.random()*200;

                    // asteroide.body.velocity.y=100+Math.random()*50;



So the asteroid is random in the game, but outside? how can I? I did not understand. Excuse me.

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asteroide.body.velocity.x= this.rnd.integerInRange(minimum number, maximum number);

Its always a random amount with the rnd built in to phaser. So if you wanted the speed of it to be between 200 and 500, you could use integerInRange to decide randomly between the 2 numbers.

So the asteroid could come in at 356 velocity and the next could be 297 speed. It will use any number between the 2 given numbers you specify it to be.

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