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UIs with PIXI


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Hey Guys,

I'm just getting my feet wet with pixi (and html5 game stuff in general). I was wondering what people generally do for UIs in their games made with pixi? I found a related ui library called PUXI, but it seemed rather limited at a quick glance. Would it make more sense to just put actual html elements over the canvas? Or is that dumb... no idea. Appreciate any advice / points in the right direction. Also, using pixi 6 for my current experimentation.


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I don't use any libraries to make a UI for my game, because in my opinion everything that pixi provides is enough to make a UI.

What I do in my projects is basically I would have root Container object with 2 child Containers. One is for the core game, and the other if for UI. I would usually call HUD and manually make the components for my UI :)

To get you started I would recommend you to watch this video which explains how you can handle user input in pixi


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