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changing colors of dog parts of an animation


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We are creating a game where you can do different activities with a dog and then it animates.  For example, if you pet your dog then it animates a happy face.  The animations are created in spine and rendered using pixi.  

But we want all of the dogs to be unique, so different body parts are different colors.  For example, some dogs have blue eyes and others have brown.  Is it possible to create one dog make up of slots and skins, with animations - export the .json, .atlas, and .png files, and then change the colors of the body parts in pixi to generate a lot of different looking dogs?

I'm not sure if changing the tint would work.  Is there a way to simply change the binhex of a generic uncolored dog parts?

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You can change texture in https://github.com/pixijs/spine/blob/master/examples/hack_texture.md . As or changing colors - pixi-spine tints its meshes and , so you cant really tint that, you have to make a modified update function, or bone color, or something like that, im not entirely sure :) You looked in source code, right? https://github.com/pixijs/spine/blob/bc1afdf93d0fbafe6445e8c6245f3344bec615fc/packages/base/src/SpineBase.ts#L305-L308

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