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Incorrect calculations related to FPS


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I'm trying to make an object rotate constantly, with the speed of 3°/sec (360° in 2 minutes). The code should be pretty simple:

let object;
function setup() {
  object = new PIXI.Sprite(...);
  app.ticker.add(delta => renderLoop(delta));

function renderLoop(delta) {
  object.angle += 3 / 60;  

On every render, I increase object's angle by 3 divided by 60 (amount of times the renderLoop function will be called per second). However, when using stopwatch the rotation happens quicker than 3°/sec, and after playing with numbers I concluded that the approximate (if not fully correct) number is 144, and not 60. What can be the cause of this, and is there a better way to get that number instead of hardcoding it?

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