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Hatch pattern


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You might need to explain some more about your goal?

26 minutes ago, zip87 said:

How can I apply a hatch pattern on resizable Sprite?

I imagine you have a "Sprite" (which is a shape that is scalable).  I imagine it is filled with a "pattern" that is not scalable.  So as the shape grows the amount of patterns shown within it would increase?

If that's the case then consider using beginTextureFill on a Graphics object and redraw the shape each resize:

There are other ways to achieve similiar (masking is powerful, custom shaders even more so), but this "Graphics" route is well documented.

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TilingSprite might work for that as-is (because it's a rectangle):

Adding a border is a secondary step, either use Graphics (or another 4 sprites).

Your comment abount zoom in/out of the entire scene ... you'll need to connect the TilingSprite scale to the scale of the scene and update accordingly (to maintain the absolute hatch scale).  I can't provide specifics because it depends how you've set up your sceneGraph and objects.


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10 hours ago, SantosR said:

Have you considered writing a fragment shader to draw the hatches? Might sound overkill but it could do the job.

Thanks for suggestion, but it's beyond my current capabilities.

I tried this way:


but graphics slows everything down, So at the moment I decided for this solution





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