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bug? restart the same state exactliy 5 times and p2 collisions are gone


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I'd put good money on p2 having run out of bitmasks, so it can't create any more collision groups. To check if this is the case or not, could you try this please:


When your state shuts down (so create a state shutdown function if you don't have one already) put this code in:

game.physics.p2.world.off("beginContact", game.physics.p2.beginContactHandler, game.physics.p2);game.physics.p2.world.off("endContact", game.physics.p2.endContactHandler, game.physics.p2);game.physics.p2.collisionGroups = [];game.physics.p2._toRemove = [];game.physics.p2.boundsCollidesWith = [];game.physics.p2._collisionGroupID = 2;game.physics.p2.postBroadphaseCallback = null;game.physics.p2.callbackContext = null;game.physics.p2.impactCallback = null;
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thx rich... 


i don't know if i'm doing it right with the shutdown function..  


http://test.xapient.net/phaser/swapstateanddie.html    here is the smallest example i could think of :)   just run to the right to x>500 to die..  


in this example it will happen after the very first state "reload"  

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Hah bloody hell, of course. What does P2.clear down? Clears all bodies from the world. What are the world bounds? A body :) And because p2 already exists, when the state starts again it never gets re-created. If you create your own 'floor' body you'll see it works fine, over and over I think. I'll carry on working through this here.

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like this .. .that works...  



BUT  i think you need to know that in my initial example here  http://test.xapient.net/phaser/ALL/


i AM creating my floor body... and after 5!! (why the hell) resets collision is gone.. and it is a tilemap layer !?!

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thx for the build file..  didn't find the time (yet) to learn how to work with grunt..  



i'd say.. Problem solved in dev branch !!



(i've got a few other interesting things for you ^^)


did you stumble over this one? 




thx again for all the work!

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