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Does physics scale work in phaser 2.0?


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i've been looking through the examples.. and tried some coding for phaser 2.0.


i came across this 



but i was wondering if it was working as intended?


what i thought was that the sprite body would scale automatically when  i scale the sprite.. but to me in that demo that doesn't seem to work..

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in this example it is about sprite scale.. not gravityscale..     gravity scale works but you have to use it that way 


mind the "data"


sprite scaling after enabling the physics body does NOT reconfigure the physics body..  this body is created with sprite bounds and stays this way until you configure it to change with sprite.body.setCircle() for example..   but it would be great if the physics body gets rescaled when the sprite scales..  i would totally agree with that!  

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I did talk to Stefan (the author of P2) about supporting body scaling, but the basic response was "no, it leads to physically impossible situations". So yeah, scale first, then create your body. Or if you don't want to scale in real time you could update the body size after the scale is completed.

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