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Company looking to license games


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One of our clients is looking to license at least 3 games for their website and have a custom wrapper built for these games. This is a non exclusive license and the game can have an 'about' screen that fully credits the author. Requirements:


Games are for elementary aged children; No adult content or themes.


Developer must wrap all 3 games in a main menu structure that:

-Player sees screenshot of each game.

-Player must 'Get Token' before they can play any games.

-To get game token, they must answer a random trivia question correctly. We will provide trivia questions, just need to have an array of dummy questions we can edit.

-After they get token, games are unlocked. They pick the game and it loads the game and they can play it normal. At game over, they are brought back to main menu and they need to 'Get Token' again to play.


If anybody has some games they think would work for this and they can build the wrapper, please PM me a link to your games and a quote for your work. Our budget is not large but we are willing to negotiate for a good product. Thank you!


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