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Impossible to use more than 2 keyboard input buttons at the same time ...


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...when one of those buttons is the keyboard cursor RIGHT.



here is an example to test it:  



try to hold down M and SPACEBAR and then move to the right RIGHTCURSOR..    it simply does not work BUT


try moving to the left..  it works !! ?? 


i've testet it in 1.1.5 and in 2.0    - the same problem 



it comes down to the simple statement that  you can not use cursors.right with more than 1 other button together...




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wow.. interesting read... THX


so i put the shoot button on B (it seems not to be sharing columns/rows)  and it works..  



(50€ apple keyboard..   i get weak once because of design and even years later i pay for it .. damn you apple !! i hate those keys without even a little depression.. i always lose "focus" of my fingers - time to buy a better one )

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I use one of these: http://www.logitech.com/en-gb/product/illuminated-keyboard-k740?crid=26


But then I love the 'soft' feel of keys and really don't like mechanical / cherry style keys, but everyone is unique :) I've found that whichever you prefer, you can find decent anti-ghosting keyboards to suite.


The problem of course is that most people don't own them, so you still need to be super careful how you plan keyboard layouts for your games. Especially when you factor in AZERTY and other interesting combinations.

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