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Phaser + CocoonJS - PHP Services problem


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Hi everyone!


I'm in the final phase from my game, fixing bugs to work like a charm on mobile, but i'm having a lot of problems with cocoonjs.


A co-worker told me that Cocoonjs doesn't support PHP. I was working with an intermediate PHP file to call to an external URL (From a service) that returns information, but it only returns the file content itself.


Now i'm trying to retrieve information from the service but i'm having cross-domain issues.


Someone actually has achieved this? 


Any information would be appreciated.


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@programlocura: While it is true CocoonJS doesn't support PHP (it is just a browser itself), I don't think that is particularly the issue here. If you are getting cross-domain issues, it is most likely because you are breaking a security rule about accessing resources outside of your domain.


If you want a CocoonJS app to have access to data provided from a PHP script, that file needs to be publicly accessible. Just like any other browser, CocoonJS can make a XHR object and GET or POST data. What you might need to do is have the PHP script call this external service either before, as part of some type of regular polling, or right after as a result of an incoming connection just like you would for a web page.


If you are getting the file contents of a PHP script, it is probably because the server is not running it, but is sending it as plain text instead. That's not a problem with Phaser or CocoonJS but probably with the server settings themselves.

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