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Data Visualization in Pixi js (e.g., D3 in Pixi)


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Hello Community,

I am working on a Pixi project which is recently involved into a few data visualization.

I was wondering what you suggest as the best library for data visualization (simply drawing a few bar-chart and line graph) in a PIXI canvas.


I have already tried D3 js. It was not a good decision at all. Had a lot of difficulty to port what D3 is creating to Pixi, resulted a lot of work and eventually found myself drawing everything in Pixi again. Almost zero success :(


I appreciate your guides or if you refer any relevant example.





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I didnt see any data vis for 2d in WebGL at all. I did an attempt, but its only partial. Sorry, in this area, unless you can publish something yourself, you shouldnt expect others to do that ) Its just too difficult to combine webgl and that high-level interfaces.

Bars and chart is here: https://github.com/gameofbombs/pixi-candles , but it lacks necessary API for full vis lib )

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