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Animation not playing (after being called by an onDown event) and AI

Luis Felipe

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Hey everyone,


So I'm in the final stages of my second bi-weekly game. I started with character animations, all animations play correctly when called in the update() function, but when I put the action animation inside a function called in by an onDown event, it doesn't play. Here's what I have:

create: function() {(...)actionKey.onDown.add(this.heroHits, this);}


heroHits: function() {        hero.animations.play('attack');        if(actionTimer == 1 && this.game.physics.overlap(hero, enemy)) {            this.enemyHealth -= 1;            enemyLabel.content = this.enemyHealth;            enemy.body.velocity.x = 1500;            enemy.body.velocity.y = -350;            actionTimer = 0;                    }    },

If you need to look at the entire thing for context, here goes: http://luisfelipeart.com/html5games/002/


Triggering the animation in the update() function works as expected (like the run animation), but I don't want to play it continuously. 


Any insight on this matter and maybe tips on improving AI would be greatly appreciated! I'm sure it's a very silly mistake, excuse my n00bness :P



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I don't think those events work on keys, but I may be mistaken. The way it's done in the examples is to poll the key in your update code, just like you're doing with your cursors key objects.


If you don't want to play it continuously, change your call to the animation creation to this:

var attack = hero.animations.add('attack', [8,9], 30, false);attack.onComplete.add(function(){ hero.animations.start('idle');}, this);

That will only play the animation once and then switch the animation back to whatever you want. I like your running animation, by the way  :)


You started the game challenge, too? That's awesome :) I started it from inspiration at lessmilk.com as well and I'm loving it so far.

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Thanks for the reply!


I tried implementing your code, I didn't succeed tonight but I'm sure the problem is on my side, tomorrow I'll hopefully nail it down, this was super useful and informative! :)



Thanks, the inspiration for this one comes directly from Nidhogg, I'm trying to diversify and learn to make different types of games and art. Haha yes, Lessmilk is definitely an amazing source of inspiration! Looking forward to seeing your games, really enjoyed Octoball :)

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:D Nidhogg is pretty awesome :) I'm also curious to see the end of your game, so I'll definitely bookmark it and check it out later :) I really liked the sprite design for your first game and how you gave a tutorial about it.


Thanks for checking out my blog and Octoball. I love hearing what people think of it :)


If you have questions about how to implement what I said, we can figure it out together. 

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Hello, I know this is a few months old but I just wanted to ask if anyone had a resolution to this issue?


I have an animation that plays when the player runs left or right but when I bind spacebar and try to make the new animation play on it it just sits on the first frame.... its like the arrow keys somehow bypass restarting the animation but the spacebar restarts the animation every time the game updates so it doesn't work...

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