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What do you think about a WebGL forum?


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finding a good forum structure is really difficult IMHO. It should not be too complicated on the one hand - but providing a good solid and seminal base for all upcoming discussions.
Since this is a game forum I think we need the basic topics like graphics, sound and game logic covered somehow. 
Here is my proposal:
- Forum Announcements (only for admins to publish general notes)
- General chat (e.g. for discussing topics like this)
- General Coding
- 2D graphics
- 3D graphics
- Audio
- Useful Links
- Work in progres
- Collabs
- Sponsors & Portals
So, to answer your question, I think it might be enough to have a 3d related graphics forum. If we go with an own WebGL forum I would than consequently create a Canvas2D and CSS forum, too.
Well, as I said - this is just a proposal and open for discussion. I am not really sure if such a structure would work in the end.
Just my 2cts.
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There done. I've not added a 2D board yet because I don't want lots of empty boards here, those questions can just go into the general coding or logic one for now.


I hope there's a dedicated 2D board soonish, though. My first thought was... "Oh, that's strange; no dedicated 2D board, only 3D."

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