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Matrix-engine - High Performance glmatrix engine

Nikola Lukic

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- [Integrated PWA addToHomePage/cache/] 

- [Integrated raycast (hit trigger detect), bvh animation] 

- [Basic Physics implementation based on cannon.js] 

- [FirstPersonController/SceneController Drag and navigation scene] 

- [Basic's Shadows vs lights (GLSL)] 


This is small but inspiring project. The benefits of this project is offering an overview of the entire application logic, easy native implementations (hybrid app), object structural. Thanks to Mr.Keestu i use (gl-program-structure) new version of glmatrix (2.0). Push&Pop matrix just like in opengles 1.1. Also can be downgraded to openGLES 1.1. webGL Lightweight library based on glmatrix engine. For multiplayer used webRTC done with io socket. Physics done with last version of cannon.js. I use free software Blender 2.90.1 for 3d Object mesh works. MatrixEngine is Blender frendly orientend lib. Also mixamo.com is great service used for creating my assets.


  • Basic implementation for physics (Cube, Sphere)
  • Raycast not work after walk behind the object in first person mode
  • Only static object cast spot light in right way for now.
  • Need general more improvement on GLSL part.

Next Features 🔜

For npm users recommended

Live Demos

Install dependencies

Matrix engine keep minimum dependency.

  • uglify-js, minify
  • browserify, watchify
  npm run install.dep
  npm i

@Note: For windows users maybe you will need to add browserify to the env PATH if you got errors on commands npm run build.*.

Help for localhost dev stage

Build Application bundle script

From [1.8.0] you can use build for develop with watch task:

npm run examples
npm run app

@Note: If you use unsecured http protocol no build needed at all just navigate to the html file who loade script with type=module. No need for this any more but you can use it.

For production/public server you will use npm run build.XXX commands. and then upload project to the usually /var/www/html/.

  • app-build.html , examples-build.html loads compiled javascript type text/javascript.

  • Build entry App.js

  npm run build.app

Now navigate to the app-build.html page.

  • Build entry App-Examples.js
  npm run build.examples

Now navigate to the examples-build.html page.

  • Build just library
  npm run build.lib
  • Build with uglify
  • Build ALL

After all for production is recommended to use compressed script.

  • Production Final (bash):

Switch example with url params

Code access:

const QueryString = matrixEngine.utility.QueryString;

Take a look at query-build.html

List of examples:

  • Adding color cube
  • Adding color pyramyde
  • Adding color square
  • Adding tex square with raycast
  • Adding color triangle
  • Adding geometry
  • Adding multi (compose) textures
  • Adding square texture
  • Blending
  • Audion manipulation
  • Camera texture (stream texture)
  • Cube
  • Cube Geometry
  • Cube Light & texture
  • Cube light dynamic
  • Custom texture
  • First Person controller
  • Load obj files - UV maps
  • Object animation -morh sequence
  • Object animation mesh indices calculation
  • JS1Kilo examples implementation
  • Porting 2D canvas (Active textures)
  • Sphere geometry
  • Texture uv manipulation
  • Videos textures
  • Physics Cube with force on raycast trigger
  • Physics Sphere
  • BVH loader, animation play
  • Load obj sequences
  • FPShooter example (+Sounds) [WIP]
  • specular_light_basic -> global light position test [WIP]
  • Lens effect shaders for cube [WIP]

Features description

Camera config

In ./program/manifest.js. Access is App.camera. Note: One of params FirstPersonController or SceneController must be false.

  • FirstPersonController is classic first person view with movement WASD and mouse look.
  • SceneController use direct input WASD. To make camera angle view change press shift to enable camera angle. Middle mouse button will enable drag scene to left/right/top/down. Mouse middle wheel change work only when shift is pressed.
  camera: {
    viewAngle: 45,
    nearViewpoint: 0.1,
    farViewpoint: 1000,
    edgeMarginValue: 100,
    FirstPersonController: false,
    SceneController: false,
    sceneControllerDragAmp: 0.1,
    sceneControllerDragAmp: 0.1,
    speedAmp: 0.5,
    sceneControllerEdgeCameraYawRate: 3,
    sceneControllerWASDKeysAmp: 0.1

Range of matrixEngine.Events.camera.pitch in ForstPersonController is (-33 to 33).

To get access for camera use matrixEngine.Events.camera. Typically looks:

  "roll": 0,
  "rollRate": 0,
  "rallAmp": 0.05,
  "pitch": 0.24500000000000632,
  "pitchRate": 0,
  "yaw": -6945.400000016527,
  "yawRate": 0,
  "xPos": 5.1753983300242155,
  "yPos": 2,
  "zPos": -21.90917813969003,
  "speed": 0,
  "yawAmp": 0.05,
  "pitchAmp": 0.007

Light And Shadows [1.7.6]

activateShadows works only for cube for now.

  world.Add("cubeLightTex", 1, "myCube4", textuteImageSamplers);

If you wanna color vertex but with direction and ambient light then:

// Simple direction light
world.Add("cubeLightTex", 1, "myCube7", textuteImageSamplersTest);

Make square pattern

  // Custom generic textures. Micro Drawing.
  // Example for arg shema square for now only.
  var options = {
    squareShema: [4,4],
    pixels: new Uint8Array(4 * 4 * 4),
    style: {
      type: 'chessboard',
      color1: 0,
      color2: 255




Physics based on cannon.js

Support list : 😇

  • cube
  • sphere

Example with physics and raycast hit detect:

  App.camera.SceneController = true;

  canvas.addEventListener('mousedown', (ev) => {

  window.addEventListener('ray.hit.event', (ev) => {
    console.log("You shoot the object! Nice!", ev)

     * Physics force apply
     if (ev.detail.hitObject.physics.enabled == true) {

  var tex = {
    source: ["res/images/complex_texture_1/diffuse.png"],
    mix_operation: "multiply",

  // Load Physics world!
  let gravityVector = [0, 0, -9.82];
  let physics = world.loadPhysics(gravityVector);
  // Add ground
  physics.addGround(App, world, tex);
  world.Add("cubeLightTex", 1, "CUBE", tex);
  var b = new CANNON.Body({
    mass: 5,
    position: new CANNON.Vec3(0, -15, 2),
    shape: new CANNON.Box(new CANNON.Vec3(1, 1, 1))
  // Physics
  App.scene.CUBE.physics.currentBody = b;
  App.scene.CUBE.physics.enabled = true;

  const objGenerator = (n) => {
    for(var j = 0;j < n;j++) {

      setTimeout(() => {
        world.Add("cubeLightTex", 1, "CUBE" + j, tex);
        var b2 = new CANNON.Body({
          mass: 1,
          linearDamping: 0.01,
          position: new CANNON.Vec3(1, -14.5, 15),
          shape: new CANNON.Box(new CANNON.Vec3(1, 1, 1))

        App.scene['CUBE' + j].physics.currentBody = b2;
        App.scene['CUBE' + j].physics.enabled = true;
      }, 1000 * j)


Networking [1.8.0]

Networking based on webRTC. If you wanna use multiplayer mode you need to run intro folder networking/ next commands:

 npm i
 node matrix-server.js

Networking Support Methods list: 😇

  • Any scene object:  position SetX() SetY() SetZ()  rotation.rotateX() rotateY() rotateZ()

  • Cube, Sphere, Square  geometry.setScale()  geometry.setScaleByY()  geometry.setScaleByZ()  geometry.setScaleByZ()  geometry.setTexCoordScaleFactor()

  • Pyramid  geometry.setScale()  geometry.setSpitz()

Networking minimal example

export var runThis = world => {

  world.Add("pyramid", 1, "MyCubeTex");
  world.Add("square", 1, "MyColoredSquare1");

  // Must be activate

  // Must be activate for scene objects also.
  // This is only to force avoid unnecessary networking emit!
  App.scene.MyCubeTex.net.enable = true;

  App.scene.MyColoredSquare1.net.enable = true;

  // Just call it normally


It is perfect solution webGL vs webRTC. Origin code used broadcaster class from visual-ts game engine project.

Custom textures

We just override function for texture executing code. Next level is full custom opportunity, geometry, collision, networking etc.

App.scene.MySquareTexure1.custom.gl_texture = function (object, t) {
  world.GL.gl.bindTexture(world.GL.gl.TEXTURE_2D, object.textures[t]);
  world.GL.gl.texParameteri(world.GL.gl.TEXTURE_2D, world.GL.gl.TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER, world.GL.gl.LINEAR);
  world.GL.gl.texParameteri(world.GL.gl.TEXTURE_2D, world.GL.gl.TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER, world.GL.gl.LINEAR);
  world.GL.gl.texParameteri(world.GL.gl.TEXTURE_2D, world.GL.gl.TEXTURE_WRAP_S, world.GL.gl.CLAMP_TO_EDGE);
  world.GL.gl.texParameteri(world.GL.gl.TEXTURE_2D, world.GL.gl.TEXTURE_WRAP_T, world.GL.gl.CLAMP_TO_EDGE);

    0,                         // Level of details
    world.GL.gl.RGBA,          // Format
    world.GL.gl.UNSIGNED_BYTE, // Size of each channel


Opengles native cubeMap [1.8.5]

  • If you wanna custom canvasd2d draws for aech cube side New tag cubeMap takes texture.source empty array.

Canvas2d Example:

   * @description
   * What ever you want!
   * It is 2dCanvas context draw func.
  function myFace(args) {
    const {width, height} = this.cubeMap2dCtx.canvas;
    this.cubeMap2dCtx.fillStyle = args[0];
    this.cubeMap2dCtx.fillRect(0, 0, width, height);
    this.cubeMap2dCtx.font = `${width * args[2]}px sans-serif`;
    this.cubeMap2dCtx.textAlign = 'center';
    this.cubeMap2dCtx.textBaseline = 'middle';
    this.cubeMap2dCtx.fillStyle = args[1];
    this.cubeMap2dCtx.fillText(args[3], width / 2, height / 2);

  var tex = {
    source: [],
    mix_operation: "multiply",
    cubeMap: {
      type: '2dcanvas',
      drawFunc: myFace,
      sides: [
        // This is custom access you can edit but only must have
        // nice relation with your draw function !
        // This is example for render 2d text in middle-center manir.
        // Nice for 3d button object!
        {faceColor: '#F00', textColor: '#28F', txtSizeCoeficient: 0.8, text: 'm'},
        {faceColor: '#FF0', textColor: '#82F', txtSizeCoeficient: 0.5, text: 'a'},
        {faceColor: '#0F0', textColor: '#82F', txtSizeCoeficient: 0.5, text: 't'},
        {faceColor: '#0FF', textColor: '#802', txtSizeCoeficient: 0.5, text: 'r'},
        {faceColor: '#00F', textColor: '#8F2', txtSizeCoeficient: 0.5, text: 'i'},
        {faceColor: '#F0F', textColor: '#2F8', txtSizeCoeficient: 0.5, text: 'x'}

Classic images:

  • If you wanna load images, see example:
], (imgs) => {
  var tex = {
    source: [...imgs],
    mix_operation: "multiply",
    cubeMap: {
      type: 'images',
  world.Add("cubeMap", 1, "myCubeMapObj", tex);

BVH Matrix Skeletal [1.5.0]

  • New deps pack bvh-loader. It is bvh parser created for matrix-engine but can be used for any other graphics language.
  const options = {
    world: world,
    autoPlay: true,
    myFrameRate: 10,
    showOnLoad: false, // if autoPLay is true then showOnLoad is inactive.
    type: 'ANIMATION', // "TPOSE' | 'ANIMATION'
    loop: 'playInverse', // true | 'stopOnEnd' | 'playInverse' | 'stopAndReset'
    globalOffset: [-30, -180, -155],
    skeletalBoneScale: 6,
    boneNameBasePrefix: 'backWalk',
    skeletalBlend: { paramDest: 7, paramSrc: 6 }, // remove arg for no blend
    boneTex: {
      source: [
      mix_operation: "multiply",
    // pyramid | triangle | cube | square | squareTex | cubeLightTex | sphereLightTex'
    drawTypeBone: 'squareTex' 

  const filePath = 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zlatnaspirala/bvh-loader/main/javascript-bvh/example.bvh';

  var myFirstBvhAnimation = new matrixEngine.MEBvhAnimation(filePath, options);

Live demo https://codepen.io/zlatnaspirala/pen/OJQdGVM


  • cube , square, triangle, obj (ObjLoader) [1.8.4] From 1.8.4 raycast hit trigger works for obj's.

Raycast works fine also in firstPersonCamera operation. Raycast work perfect after local single rotation x, y, or z. Combination rotx and roty works , roty and rotz only with rotx = 180 for now. Bug if walk behind object then turn arround and try raycast but no work for now.

  • Usage:
  canvas.addEventListener('mousedown', (ev) => {

  canvas.addEventListener('ray.hit.event', (ev) => {
    alert("You shoot the object! Nice")

First person controller:

If you activate this flag you get fly/free camera controller by default.

  // In one line activate also deactivate.
  App.camera.FirstPersonController = true;

Animated female droid (morph targets):

// Obj Loader
function onLoadObj(meshes) {

  // No need from [1.8.2]
  // App.meshes = meshes;
  for (const key in App.meshes) {
    matrixEngine.objLoader.initMeshBuffers(world.GL.gl, App.meshes[key]);

  textuteImageSamplers2 = {
    source: ['res/images/RustPaint.jpg'],
    mix_operation: 'multiply'

  setTimeout(function () {
    var animation_construct = {
      id: 'female',
      meshList: meshes, // from [1.8.2]
      sumOfAniFrames: 18,
      currentAni: 0,
      speed: 3

    world.Add('obj', 1, 'female', textuteImageSamplers2, App.meshes.female, animation_construct);

    App.scene.female.position.y = -3;
    App.scene.female.rotation.rotationSpeed.z = 20;
    App.scene.female.position.z = -13;
    // App.scene.armor.mesh.setScale(5)
  }, 100);

// Custom list 1, 3, 5, 9
    female: 'res/3d-objects/female/female_000001.obj',
    female1: 'res/3d-objects/female/female_000003.obj',
    female2: 'res/3d-objects/female/female_000005.obj',
    female3: 'res/3d-objects/female/female_000009.obj',

// From [1.8.2] you can use `makeObjSeqArg`
    { id: objName,
      path: "res/bvh-skeletal-base/swat-guy/seq-walk/low/swat",
      from : 1, to: 34 }),


// Use it
App.scene.female.glBlend.blendEnabled = true;
App.scene.female.glBlend.blendParamSrc = ENUMERATORS.glBlend.param[4];
App.scene.female.glBlend.blendParamDest = ENUMERATORS.glBlend.param[4];
  • Load Obj with UV map (Blender export tested):

For more details dee this example script: load_obj_file.js

Video texture:

New way: There is no prefix for path any more. Fixed autoplay on AFTRE FIRST CLICK. Multi textures loading. Video texture corespond with direction & ambient light. Important it is direct pass from video to webgl textures. No canvad2d context. NOT WORKING with shadows for now.

  App.scene.outsideBox.streamTextures = new VT(

TODO: Add arg { mixWithCanvas2d }

Old way [still present]:

world.Add('cubeLightTex', 1, 'TV', textuteImageSamplers, App.meshes.TV);
App.scene.TV.streamTextures = new VIDEO_TEXTURE('Galactic Expansion Fractal Morph [Official Video]');

Camera texture:

App.scene.TV.streamTextures = new ACCESS_CAMERA('webcam_beta');

MatrixBVHCharacter (MEBvhAnimation)

MatrixBVHCharacter feature use class matrixEngine.MEBvhAnimation. Its load primitives for bvh skeletal. MatrixBVHCharacter is proccess where we load pre defined skelatal obj parts(head, neck, legs...) .

@Note Human character failed for now but func works.

Nice for primitive obj mesh bur rig must have nice description of position/rotation. In maximo skeletal bones simple not fit. If you pripare bones you can get nice bvh obj adaptation for animations. mocap set of assets looks better for this operation.

Example Code:

  const options = {
    world: world,                    // [Required]
    autoPlay: true,                  // [Optimal]
    showOnLoad: false,               // [Optimal] if autoPLay is true then showOnLoad is inactive.
    type: 'ANIMATION',               // [Optimal] 'ANIMATION' | "TPOSE'
    loop: 'playInverse',             // [Optimal] true | 'stopOnEnd' | 'playInverse' | 'stopAndReset'
    globalOffset: [-30, -180, -155], // [Optimal]  for 1.5 diff from obj seq anim
    skeletalBoneScale: 2,            // [Optimal]
    /*skeletalBlend: {               // [Optimal] remove arg for no blend
      paramDest: 4,
      paramSrc: 4
    boneTex: {
      source: [
      mix_operation: "multiply",
    drawTypeBone: "matrixSkeletal",
    matrixSkeletal: "res/bvh-skeletal-base/y-bot/matrix-skeletal/",
    objList: ['spine', 'hips', 'head'] ,

    matrixSkeletalObjScale: 80,       // [Optimal]

    // Can be predefined `MatrixSkeletal` prepared skeletal obj parts/bones.
    // Can be primitives:
    // pyramid | triangle | cube | square | squareTex | cubeLightTex | sphereLightTex

    // New optimal arg
    // Sometime we need more optimisation
    ignoreList: ['spine1'],
    ifNotExistDrawType: 'triangle'

  const filePath = "res/bvh/Female1_B04_StandToWalkBack.bvh";
  var myFirstBvhAnimation = new matrixEngine.MEBvhAnimation(filePath, options);

This is folder for obj parts (head arm legs ...) Filenames are simplefield like head.obj , arm.obj without any prefix from constructor...

matrixSkeletal: "res/bvh-skeletal-base/y-bot/matrix-skeletal/",

Take a look example: matrix_skeletal.js.

Character (ObjLoader/morph targets)

This good in runtime bad for loading procedure.

How to update character animation? Maximo -> download dea or fbx -> import intro blender Import multi or one animation. -> blender export -> obj (animation)


This is new feature from [1.8.2]. Take a look at : load_obj_sequence.js

For now engine use objLoader to load all morphs.

          id: objName,
          path: "res/bvh-skeletal-base/swat-guy/anims/swat-multi",
          from: 1,
          to: 61

In onLoadObj callback function:

  var animArg = {
    id: objName,
    meshList: meshes,
    // sumOfAniFrames: 61, No need if `animations` exist!
    currentAni: 0,
    // speed: 3, No need if `animations` exist!
    // upgrade - optimal
    animations: {
      active: 'walk',
      walk: {
        from: 0,
        to: 35,
        speed: 3
      walkPistol: {
        from: 36,
        to: 60,
        speed: 3

FirstPersonShooter examples [WIP]

  • Just like in eu4 shooter we dont need whole character mesh for FPSHooter view. I cut off no hands vertices in blender to make optimised flow.

Feature [1.8.12] App.events Access. Take a look at the apps\fps_player_controller.js example.

  App.events.CALCULATE_TOUCH_DOWN_OR_MOUSE_DOWN = (ev, mouse) => {
    // From [1.8.12]
    // checkingProcedure gets secound optimal argument
    // for custom ray origin target.
    // mouse
    if(mouse.BUTTON_PRESSED == 'RIGHT') {
      // Zoom
    } else {
      // This call represent `SHOOT` Action.
      // And it is center of screen
      matrixEngine.raycaster.checkingProcedure(ev, {
        clientX: ev.target.width / 2,
        clientY: ev.target.height / 2

WIP calculating for fixing FPS camera view.

[1.8.11] New 3dObject property isHUD. If you setup this to the true value object will escape world rotation/translation. Only local translation is active. This is good for HUD Menu in 3d space.

Texture editor (runtime):

  • Using Vjs3 with Editor use:
  App.scene.outsideBox.streamTextures = new Vjs3(
  • Running Editor Tool
npm run run.tex.editor
// or 
npm run te

After creating 2d texture direct on page at the end run:

npm run build.tex.editor

to make build final pack.

  • Imports note we can use any canvas 2d app [anyCanvas] .

In examples:

  • porting2d.js [Old VJS] Example of anyCanvas
  • porting_text.js [Vjs3]
  • porting2d_particle.js [Vjs3]

It is very powerfull tool!

Research Vjs3 source examples at: https://github.com/zlatnaspirala/visualjs

On NPM Service npm i visual-js , matrix engine already have visual-js , visual-js-server editor backend part.

To show/hide iframe use: App.scene.outsideBox - is any object who have streamTextures LOADED with 2DCANVAS.

E('HOLDER_STREAMS').style.display = 'none';

Access to the [any] canvas2d program: anyCanvas(path-of-html,name-of-canvas)

 App.scene.outsideBox.streamTextures = new anyCanvas(

Live editor [actual.js predefined]


Old VJS loading with anyCanvas()


Old Live demo: Video and webcam works at: https://maximumroulette.com/webgl2/examples.html


From [1.8.14] Html's Every static file / resource moved to the new folder ./public

  • Improved FPShooter example , added collision box for player.

From [1.8.13] MatrixSounds

Access object App.sounds.


// Play source audio [single instance].
App.sounds.createAudio('music', 'res/music/background-music.mp3');
// Play simultanius same source audio.
App.sounds.createAudio('shoot', 'res/music/single-gunshot.mp3', 5);

From [1.8.12]

Draw scene list swap items options must be done!

From [1.8.0]

Added watchify. We have support for real time connections based on webRTC. You must work on https protocol even in localhost. Change in program/manifest net = false if you dont wanna use networking.

Node.js Multiplayer Server based on webRTC. Take a look at the folder ./netwotking.

Run it:

cd networking
node matrix.server.js

If you wanna in terminal popup then run (bash/work on win also if you have bash) dedicated.sh./ or dedicated.bat.

From [1.7.11]

No need for: // matrixEngine.Engine.load_shaders('shaders/shaders.html'); Initial Shaders now loads from code (inside engine). No need any action.

PWA Fully runned

Integrated Add to Home page and regular html5 page options. In same time fixed all autoplay audio and video context construction. It is good to consult pwa test on page. Best way is to keep it on 100% pass. pwa-powered

Secured 🛡

No Dependabot alerts opened.

Credits && Licence:

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