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HTML5 WebGL Game Plan


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I have a WebGL game in the works that's inching closer to being done day by day. I've been thinking about my options for releasing it and possibly making a bit of money for my time. It's a fairly simple to learn, hard to master arcade space shooter. I've done a fair bit of work on the graphics and some custom shaders, so I think it's starting to look pretty slick for a web game, even compared to Flash and native mobile games.

I'm going to host it myself, rather than attempting to sell/license it. I'd prefer to keep the rights for the time being. So my basic plan is to follow the typical mobile game model:

1. Release it for free on my site, with an ad sidebar.
2. Offer a paid registration for an ad-free experience so you can play full screen without any visual distraction.
3. Possibly make an iOS version for the Apple store (though right now it's geared more for keyboard play.)

So I've been looking around at some advertising options. Clay.io looks pretty good to me, and the comments on this site seem mostly favourable. Plus it looks like one or more of the Clay.io devs hang out here.

Does anyone have any other suggestions on ad services for a web game? Or the best way to use ads in a web game?

As far as promotion goes, I'm not sure how to approach this. I don't think I'll promote much of anything until the game is ready to launch. I don't want to create a buzz and then let it die off because the game gets stuck in an extra 3 months of development or whatever.

Anyway, I suppose I could try sending it off to IGN, Eurogamer and all the other big game sites, but I suspect it's pretty unlikely they'll take much notice of a free web game unless it gets some buzz first elsewhere.

What would be some good venues to promote an indie web game?

Any other suggestions for my plan overall?

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