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ScaleAspectFit problem


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Hi :)


I have a problem when setting game.System.idtkScale = 'ScaleAspectFit'; and running game with CocoonJS. The space outside canvas (letterbox) is reproducing parts of canvas itself, so you get multiples of canvas instead of black border as you should with letterboxing. Is it bug? Or do you have to set another parameter so that ScaleAspectFit will work properly? (I've tested it many times with different games and the problem is always there)




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Yes, only when used with ScaleAspectFit. ScaleAspectFill of course fills the screen with respect to scale and ScaleToFill stretches to fill the screen. So the problem exist with ScaleAspectFit where areas outside letterbox should be 'dead' (I would assume with background color set in scene) but are instead showing parts of canvas itself.


I tested it on two devices: Sony Xperia Arc running 4.0.4 and Sony Xperia J running 4.1.2


I will test on some other devices tomorow ...

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