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Adobe's new direction


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Hey all, thought i'd start the ball rolling on whats up with Adobe's new subscription-only model, plus killing off Fireworks, etc.


I'm hopeful that it'll widen the market for low-cost image and vector editing programs.


Macromedia and Adobe merging was the worst thing ever for healthy competition.






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Actually I _do_ like the new subscription model.

It's way easier to get your hands on the newest versions if you don't have thousands of dollars laying around..

And if you are a professional who earns money with those tools, you should easily be able to pay for that. Having features like Adobe DPS to make iPad Magazines with ease makes it even more valuable.

I've bought once a CS, but wouldn't like to pay $500 every year for an upgrade.


Killing Fireworks is a bit of a surprise, though..

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