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Create a timer that persists between state changes


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I'd like to have a timer that persists even when you switch states.  I usually create timers using something like this



myTimer.loop(1, this.someFunction, this);   //EVERY MILLISECOND EXECUTION



but whenever I switch states those timers get cleared.  I do want everything else cleared so I don't want to change the value of 'clearWorld' that gets passed to game.state.start


Any ideas?  Is there a way I can just 'subscribe' any object to the game's main update loop?

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Heppell08 - that was my first thought too - i tried creating it in preload/boot but as long as the timer gets created via game.time.create it gets cleared between states.  


plicatibu - sort of along those lines, what I've ended up doing is just using requestAnimationFrame.  Basically I'm just using this for a nice animation while it changes states, so that has worked ok - i'm hoping to post an example of what I ended up doing and having rich show me a 'better' way because there's gotta be one

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Hey folks, 

I have the same problem as jFlowers45 and tried a lot of different things before i found this thread. Has anybody got any further progress on that problem and/or a solution? 


@jflowers45 how is your solution working? I don't understand the hints in your last post. Do you have maybe a small example?


Thx in advance

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