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Pixi.js v1.5.2 released!

Mat Groves

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Hey guys! We just released pixi.js 1.5.2 :D

Heres a list of all the new shiny awesome we added:


New features
  • CacheAsBitmap added to displayObjects
  • CacheAsBitmap added to Graphics Object
  • Added generateTexture function to DispalyObjects
  • Added optional FilterArea to displayObject (for optimisation)
  • removeChildAt function added to DisplayObject (@andrevenancio)
  • removeChildren function added to DisplayObject (@andrevenancio)
  • dropShadow properties added to Text.
  • Graphics chaining functions
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed setTexture bug with TilingSprite
  • Fixed anchor point bug in canvas with TilingSprite
  • Fixed positionOffset not begin correct in TilingSprite
  • Fixed issue where filters were not being applied to TilingSprite
  • Fixed SpriteBatch canvas transform bug
  • Fixed issue with mouseupoutside not firing, when mouse is out of document body (@ekelokorpi)
  • Fixed Cached textures issue when using base64 encoded images (@cacheflowe)
  • Fixed issue where visibility was not being respected in sprite batch
  • Fixed bug in gl.bindTexture which tried to use an undefined private var. (@photonstorm)
  • Fixed the 'short cut' version of Math.floor in setTransform if roundPixels is true. (@photonstorm)
  • Fixed cross domain so it is now true by default
  • Loader now uses ie9s XDomainRequest object when loading sprite sheet data so loadin crossdomain sprite sheets in ie9 now works like a champ
  • Fixed AssetLoader undefined evt.loader (@ekelokorpi)
  • Added cacheAsBitmapExample
  • Documentation tweaks
  • Lowered the default size of SpriteBatch from 10000 to 2000 as this yields faster results on mobile
  • Grunt watch task added to grunt file (@mattdesl)
  • Karma verison updated


Thats the lot, I hope you guys will find the new version useful!

Oh and a massive thanks to everyone who helped out!


Ya can get the new version here: https://github.com/GoodBoyDigital/pixi.js

Or read a little more about it on our blog to if ya fancy: http://www.goodboydigital.com/pixi-1-5-2-webgl-canvas-renderer/




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