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Promotion & boosting up your games popularity

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Lately, I've been looking for some interesting methods for better marketing and distributing of HTML5 mobile games. I was wondering if you found anything worth checking or using. 
Of course I saw previous informative post by Nicole, and it's a fact that running a Facebook fanpage, Twitter or running a regular blog are the basics that work well, but I was thinking if there is any other better way to show your products to the world.
Benefits are obvious: higher awareness of your games, of your trademark, more players, more sponsorship opportunities, etc. 

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Publishers have audience, money for campaigns, contracts with operators, social networks - so yes, you are right here. We notice good results in this matter,what I mean when our games work at publishers networks.

The biggest issue here is lack of resources, lack of support for HTML5 mobile gaming. We also see how difficult situation for natives developers is - it is much harder to promote your game in app stores. 

You may try to invest a higher amount of money to a campaign, but you really cannot get a guarantee that games release on your own will pay off.

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